roundal1InvestmentsWhatever the climate, Robson Financial will advise on a plan to suit your aims and ambitions.


As a nation we have a larger sum of money in savings than ever before. However, for a record period of time, we’ve seen record low interest rates and savers have suffered with plummeting returns on accounts from banks and building societies. Now is the time to turn to us for more in-depth advice to open the door to investments that look much further than the High Street. With the right knowledge the opportunities are there!…


We will assess your current holdings and professionally analyse the level of risk the you are comfortable with as well as your needs and objectives. We then research the whole of the market to find the right investment types – ISAs, bonds, cash account etc. – and the best provider to use to keep costs down. We will meet with you regularly to advise and keep you informed, and will always be on hand should you need us.